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Health Expo is an integrated Total Health Program Series developed by Dorothy Nelson, RN, MPH in 1982. It combines the dimensions of total health in a harmonized manner through interactive exhibits.

It is a "Program Series" rather than a "Lecture Series." The program approach begins with the concept that "The People are Our Program," with their interests, their needs, their involvement in finding solutions to their life problems as our first concern. People Centered Programs suggest flexibility to meet various physical, social, cultural and religious needs and interests. Maximum impact is made through a blend of information, entertainment, and inspiration. 

Health Expo integrates Total Health, physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially without barriers. Topics move naturally between these dimensions of health so that the listener, be it audience or individual, small group or large, is unaware of the transitions. The objective is optimum health; the presentation comes in the Health Expo Program package of Fitness, Family, and Faith, bringing about a transforming NEW START through a Christian lifestyle.

Personal Contact at the Program site is essential. Through tests, demonstrations and answering questions a more personal relationship is established. Medical-surgical cases, specific disease conditions or abnormalities require referral. Health Expo focuses upon helping the majority of people's lifestyle related needs through disease prevention, health preservation and health promotion. 


Health Expo utilizes colorful exhibits that draw the attention of the attendees. Each exhibit represents one of the eight NEW START principles of health. An exhibit is comprised of three 5ft. x 7ft. panels (most common size – others available) with the center panel being a eye-catching visual and side panels providing relevant information that can be used by the presenter during the health lectures. Health Expo exhibits are both attractive and functional health education tools that have been successfully used over 40 countries and in languages as diverse as Arabic, Chinese & Thai.

In 1982 the first set of Health Expo exhibits for the program in Manila, Philippines was skillfully painted on plywood by local artists. Through the years the exhibits evolved into displays hand painted on cloth, then vinyl. In the early 2000s they were produced in-house on durable Tyvek. As demand grew we moved to a commercial printer for printing the high resolution panels on 13 ounce scrim vinyl. This provides for a vibrant display, protection from the elements and allows continued use, even outdoors, for many years. Each panel has hems and grommets making for a strong quality exhibit.

Exhibits are currently available in many languages (see Exhibits for details). Additionally, each set can be further customized with your own pictures and, if we don’t have the language you need, in your desired language for a minimal cost. If your program does not require the entire set, you can order one exhibit, or even one panel. Please view the Pricelist and Order Form if you would like your own set of Health Expo panels.

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